At Trillium we provide only well qualified inspectors to attend to your inspection needs. At the end of the inspection you will have a good understanding of the house and it's systems as well as a professional unbiased written report.

"Understanding the house and its systems"


The Greater Toronto Area

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Georgiana Township

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The Primary goal​ of the inspection is to reveal any major defects or inadequacies at the time of the inspection. Therefore eliminating unexpected financial burdens in the near future.

The positive traits of the house are also revealed and this valuable knowledge serves to alleviate your tensions and anxieties in concluding the deal.

"Not only inadequacies, but positive traits are revealed"

All Trillium Inspectors are:

RHI - Registered Home Inspector

Have a minimum of 15 years experience in the building profession

-Members of O.A.H.I. and C.A.P.H.I. and subscribe to the code of Ethics, System Inspection Standards and the Standard Reporting Format  of the Association.

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General information:

The Inspection is a reasonable effort to disclose by visual examination, the condition of the house and its systems on the day of the inspection. The purpose is to provide the purchaser and the agent with a better insight into the overall condition of the house.

"Disclose the condition of the house"

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​Trillium Property Inspectors and Consultants

The Purchase of a new home is the single most expensive investment most people will ever make. The role of the Home Inspector is to ensure that your "dream home" does not become a nightmare.

"​​Expensive Investments require a thorough consideration"